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Ecoraster Bloxx For Helipads

Ecoraster is a product range made from 100% recycled and traceable plastics, recycled in our own facility in Germany where the basic LDPE is injection moulded to form a range of 12 different grids and the pallets upon which they are delivered.

Ecoraster Bloxx is manufactured in the same way and features a twin outer wall which allows surface water to flow through the wall and cell matrix, carrying away all detritus with it meaning it does not get compacted by traffic on the surface thereby impeding permeability over time as is the case with more traditional ‘permeable’ surfacing.

Ecoraster Bloxx is manufactured in three standard colours black, green and terracotta (other colours are available, including white). It also features a range of inserts: concrete laminated, compressed permeable rubber and natural granite.

For helicopter landing pads, Ecoraster Bloxx is ideal,
it is:

  • Simple and swift to fit
  • 100% permeable
  • Firmly and securely fitted as a locked system
  • Resistant to all chemicals including oil and petrol
  • Made from 100% recycled materials, fully recyclable
  • RAL, CE and TUV approved
  • Guaranteed for 20 years

This installation was carried out at the factory recently and is Ecoraster Bloxx lais on a 300mm type 3 reduced fines base with an interim geotextile membrane and a thin fine, clean stone screed. Typically, an installation like this can be completed in a single day with a team of 3-4 men dependent on the size of the pad.

If you would like further assistance, please feel free to contact us, services we offer include:

  • A complete fitting service
  • Free surveys and self-fitting assistance
  • Geotechnical and permeability surveys
  • Technical advice and assistance